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Cage Extensions and Adoption

I feel like i've been a little obsessed with rats lately, but ever since Aziz was put to sleep, I've been frantically searching for a new baby (or two) to introduce to Dorian (as he's been a lonely, grieving rat).

After many phone calls and hours spent searching online, I finally found a rattery out of Renton and there is a current litter that will be ready for pick up in just 3 weeks! The breeder is amazing and even put two boys on reserve for me (after quizzing me via application about basic rat care). I'm extremely excited, but there's a couple of things that have to be done before the new arrival.

So first thing first, the cage I have now is not big enough for 3 rats. It's time for an upgrade.
I bought a bunch of wire mesh and used wire cutters and a dremmel to cut and file out a topper for the old cage.

It went from this size....

to this size:

Dorian has been having fun sleeping on the top floor (the top of the original cage) as it's covered in fleece.

And the second....Post pictures of the new babies!

Here's a picture of the baby boy rats in the litter I'm adopting from (at 10 days old):

Here's the Black Rex I'm adopting (at 17 days old):

...and the Agouti (17 days old):

There ya have it.
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